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With the PX9 Photochemical Screening Device you are able to perform structured wavelength screenings with nine different UV

LED's at the same time. 


When carrying out photochemical reactions, it is of fundamental importance to analyze which wavelength is absorbed by the reaction mixture.

Furthermore, it is important to understand the influence of temperature on the process.

Some reactions involve a multiphase reaction mixture, such as photocatalysis, which requires uniform mixing.

All basic investigations have one thing in common - the amount of available starting material during screening is limited for reasons of product availability or material cost. Thus, a small volume of product is of great advantage.

THE PX9 is the only product available on the market that is able to solve all tasks in an excellent way. 

The sophisticated HANU PX 9 Screening Device is the ideal product for the standard implementation of basic photochemical inves- tigations for research and development in industry and science.

Choose your cassette!

The LEDs are located in a cassette, which is thermally decoupled from the vials and can be exchanged. It consists of nine vials with a volume of 8 ml each, which are irradiated with nine different wavelengths at the same time.

Once the optimal wavelength for a defined process has been determined, the multi-LED cassette can be exchanged for a cassette with nine identical LEDs so that further investigations such as concentration determination can be carried out.


Individual control via touch display

Each LED can be individually controlled and dimmed by means of a touch panel. Furthermore, the control of all LEDs at the same time is possible.

The intensity of each wavelength can be adjusted to each other, so that even with different efficiencies of the respective LED wavelength the irradiation intensity can be equated (constant photon flux mode).


Shake it!

Mixing is performed by an oscillating mixing principle equivalent to all other HANU reactors - the screening device is mounted on an oscillating shaking table, which prevents any undesired shear forces from acting on the product and also irradiates viscous products and products that tend to phase separation.

PX9_Screening Device_geschlossen_frei.jpg

Full temperature control

The vials can be precisely tempered between -20°C and +60°C without the LEDs being affected by condensation, icing or over- temperature.


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